Curriculum Statement


Phonics and Reading

Reading is embedded in the everyday life of Barby CE Primary School. We seek to engender a real love of reading here in the hope that the enjoyment and enthusiasm for reading will stay with the children for the rest of their lives.



Phonics is taught throughout Reception and Key Stage 1 using the Letters and Sounds 6 phase programme, from the National Literacy Strategy. In addition to this we introduce the Jolly Phonics sounds and actions.



We have a range of colour coded reading schemes in school. They are banded according to reading levels and children work their way up through them across the school, according to their reading ability. These books are read at school and at home. Our schemes include the Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cats, Read Write Inc, Skyracers, Treetops amongst others and there is a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays to choose from.

As pupils gain in fluency and independence, they progress from the banded books to books from the well-stocked library. All classes also have a weekly visit to the library to choose books for reading at home.

All pupils have ‘guided reading’ sessions each week. These sessions are led by an adult and small groups of children will learn reading strategies and develop their comprehension skills. There are specific sets of books for this activity.

We use the resources from Learning Resources for Education for our topic books. New boxes of non-fiction books are brought in to school each term for all the children to use in their research of the class topics. They are skilfully chosen to be relevant and engaging for each age group in the school.

The whole school reads every day. There are class sessions, individual sessions and also a whole school session once a week when the older children ‘buddy-up’ with a younger partner to read and listen.