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Summer 2 Curriculum

Phonics: How we teach pure sounds at school

Year 1 phonics overview

Year 1 phonics screening test parental support
















This term we are learning about...

How will 5 a day help us to be healthy?


This term we will be exploring how we can look after our bodies and keep ourselves healthy. We will be learning about the different food groups, investigating bacteria and plant growth and will even be doing our five a day - exercise style! 




We have also begun to use tools in our forest school area...




Our new forest school area has been so much fun and has given us the opportunity to explore how wildlife camouflages into it's surroundings. We've found lots of things, from long millipedes, to huge, slimy slugs! Recently, we have learnt how to use tools, such as hand drills and saws. We have made Christmas tree decorations, dens and even hanging trees!






We had the opportunity to perform...

Before Christmas we were able to practice and perform a nativity play with a twist. Aliens crashed on earth! We used our knowledge of the nativity to teach the Aliens all about Christmas and had so much fun doing so.