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Our Spring 1 Topic is called

'Why is the sound that popular music makes enjoyed by so many?'

Which pop band do YOU think is the greatest of all time? Vote by clicking on the image!

Reminder: Our library day is Thursday. Please bring your books with you!



Our new maths topic will be 'Fractions' Please use this site to play fractions games!




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Our value of the half term is...

We are learning about how sounds are made and heard. Try out this page to learn fun facts and try the quiz!

For our dance unit this half term, we have looked at recycling. Today, we pretended to be transporting an item for recycling in different ways. Here is our 'interpretation'.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Using the music 'The Imperial March' by Rage Against the Machine, we imagined we were recycling being carried along a conveyor belt. Mrs Saunders called out a recycling process word (like melt, combine, stir, mix) and we would change our movements to reflect that. By the end of the conveyor, we emerge a brand new product!