Sports Premium


Following the Government’s announcement about their intention to spend over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over the 3 academic years from 2013 to 2016, the additional funding allocated to school was spent on the following initiatives:


2017/18 Funding received £16980

Impact of PE/ Sports Premium


2016/17 Funding received - £8,465

Impact of PE/Sports Premium 


2015/16 Funding received - £8,415

Cyber coach - £147

Gymnastics - £2,016

Archery -£315

Football and fitness - £1,900

Fencing - £490

Playground markings (1/3 funded by sports premium) £915

Swimming lessons - £750

Change for life (lunch times) £560



2014/15 Funding received - £8,385

Football & Fitness - Multi Sports coaching (whole class and after-school club) - £3,800

LoveBallet - Dance (after-school club) - £1,015

Education Group - Chinese Dance and Indian Dance (whole school) - £1,200

Swimming subsidy (years 2, 3 & 4) - £2,200

Cyber Coach - online dance & fitness - £147


As a result of the Multi-Sport and Dance clubs being provided to the children free of charge, more than 50% of the school has benefitted from attendance at one of other club (55 children). Further, 46 children (years 2, 3 & 4) were able to benefit from subsidised swimming lessons during the course of the year (the remainder of the cost came from parental contributions). As a result, all children were able to swim by the time the lessons ended at Easter 2015:


Beginners:   3 achieved Award 1 (5m) and 6 achieved Award 2 (10m)

Starters:       8 achieved 10m back crawl (with 5 of these also achieving 25m front) and 1 achieved 100m front with                                    25m back crawl

Middle:         All 11 were able to swim 50m

Top:              8 achieved Award 4 (1 was absent)


The Chinese Dance Day (27/1/15) and the Indian Dance Day (23/9/14) enabled all the children to learn about the culture and history of the dance as well as perform, in front of parents, at the end of the day. We also incorporated the food, art and culture of the country into a whole day of activities.




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