Home Learning:  Well done, for getting through this week and I hope you are all safe and well.  For those you who are engaged with Class Dojo its been lovely seeing photos of the different activities the children are up to in their portfolios.  Please however don't worry if you are not uploading and sending things; at the end of the home learning project document today there is an article from a headteachers facebook page, which if you read,will make you all feel so much better! We are in this together, and we are here to help.

Spring 1

In English this term, we are embedding our knowledge of skills and dissecting our model text 'The time-slip scarab' to help us learn to write portal stories. We are all really looking forward to innovating the story, sending us back in time to a story set amongst the Roman empire and use the subject specific knowledge that we are learning about in topic. In Maths, we will be comparing and finding equivalent lengths and heights through using a hands on, concrete approach alongside the pictoral and abstract to help us deepen out knowledge. In art we will be researching the artist Andy Warhol and using his techniques to mimic his famous pop art style

Our Value this term is...



Times tables

We have been practicing our times tables using songs like the one below!

All about SATS for year 2


We have been practicing our cursive handwriting. The link attached may be helpful to practice at home!