Welcome to year 6!  Here you will find information on what we will be studying and useful resources to support learning at home.

Our motto - created by the pupils -  is 'together on a journey'.

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Weekly update: 8th November 2019

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog

This week's homework is available to download here.
Youtube homework help channel.

This week, year 6 have been working very hard completing several assessments and practice SATS papers. This is to ensure they are receiving the right level of support in the areas they need support with. It also ensures there are no surprises once they reach the 2020 SATS papers.

We began reading Floodland in Guided Reading and started the 'our world' topic by looking at biomes of the world. Pupil's watched an eye-opening segment of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which showed how small Earth is in comparison to the rest of the universe.

In Maths, we began the fractions unit. Pupils will learn how to simply, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. For extra support in the area, please see these videos.
Adding and subtracting:

Multiplying whole numbers by fractions: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/fraction-arithmetic#arith-review-mult-whole-number-frac

In English, we began out unit: writing an adventure/fantasy story. Next week we will focus on character descriptions.

Weekly update (26th Oct 2019)

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog

Oaks had a busy last week of half-term.

It began with a shocking revelation, that a dinosaur had broken into Barby Primary School after escaping a local research facility. Newsround featured the report and pupils interviewed Mr Burrows, the only witness. They then sent a letter to Dr Sarah Barnes, Head of Research at the facility to find out more. On Tuesday, they wrote an online news article in pairs, then on Thursday, they wrote the final newspaper report independently.

In Maths, pupils developed their skills on ratio and correspondence. After half-term, we will be moving onto fractions. There's more on this in our next blog.

We finished our World War Two topic by making Anderson Shelters with some help from parents. The next topic is 'our world', where pupils are looking at a variety of places across Earth, geographical features, climate change and much more.

Over half-term, pupils are expected to complete a page of times-tables per day. This should not take longer than ten minutes. Pupils should also practice their spelling on spellingshed.com. A list of spelling is now live and a new list will be available from Thursday.

Parents should have also received a letter regarding the Year 6 trip at the end of the school year.

Weekly update (18th Oct 2019)

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog

This week in maths, the pupils learnt how to recognise that there had been a multiplicative change in a division equation, and to adjust the quotient respectively. We then moved onto mean: Understanding that the mean is the size of each part when a quantity is shared equally. Next week, we will further their knowledge of mean, by comparing data, finding outliers and removing them.

In English, we began our unit on recounts; learning the key features of a newspaper report, including the orientation, past-tense, third-person, headlines, captions and speech. We also learnt how to use hyphens and time adverbials correctly. Next week, we will wrap up the unit, with a research project, partner write and the hot write.

In Science, we continued to look at forces, conducting a fair test experiment to establish if mechanisms affect the amount of force required to lift an object. In History, pupils researched various sources, to create a portfolio of events that were important to D-Day being a success.

This week's homework is available here and you can access Mr Davidson's homework tips YouTube channel here.

On Wednesday 23rd October, parents are invited in to build Anderson shelters from 2.15 pm. Resources required are an empty toilet roll holder, cardboard boxes and tin foil.

Homework help, now available.

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog

I will be uploading 'homework help' videos to YouTube, to help parents and pupils navigate the weekly homework questions.  Subscribe, for updates when new videos become available. 

Homework is submitted via Socrative. The room name is DAVIDSON 9595.

If you are missing this week's homework, you can download it, here.

The spellings for this week are available on Spelling Shed.

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