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Oaks Class Blog 2020/2021

6th Novemeber 2020 - Written by Peter and Rosie.

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog 2020/2021

Written by Peter and Rosie.

This week in oaks classroom we have been working very hard. In Maths, English and many more subjects. 

In Maths this week, we started working on our new subject: multiplication. We started of by completing factor bugs but as the week progressed, we used factors to make multiplications easier.

In English, we discovered that a break-in had took place over the holidays. We found sand, bandages and a piece of paper with hieroglyphics on it.  The chairs and tables were knocked over. We deciphered the note.  It said ‘go to Barby Primary School.  You will find your treasures in the Oaks classroom.’  We got the chance to interview the witness (Miss Dickinson) to discover more about the crime . On Friday we wrote up our newspaper report about the break-in.

In P.E we have ended our football sessions with the P.E Coach and have moved on to basketball and on Wednesday we played rounders with Mr Davidson.

On Thursday we did Science based on electricity. We have been creating circuits with lights, motors and buzzers. We had to complete three working circuits and draw them in our books.

In history, we created a timeline of Ancient Egypt using Padlet on the laptops.

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October 23rd 2020 - Written by Abi, Oliver and Gracie.

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog 2020/2021

Written by Abigail, Oliver and Gracie.


We learned about addition and subtraction, inverse operations, multi-step problems and algorithms with 3 decimal places. Mr Davidson works with us until we are ready to move onto the worksheets.  


We retrieved information from a recount (newspaper) text - on the discovery of Tutankhamun.  We wrote an orientation and learnt about direct and indirect speech.  We watched a video about the discovery of Tutankhamun which included a virtual tour of the tomb itself.

Guided Reading:

In guided reading we made inferences from a range of texts, music lyrics and images including ‘a change is gonna come’ by Sam Cooke and Wonderstruck.


We continued working on Ancient Egypt – learning about Pharaohs like Tutankhamun, social organisation and Egyptian gods like Horus and Isis.


We completed an inquiry into the question ‘which teeth are used for cutting, grinding and ripping’? 

We also looked at food chains/webs. We sorted life into primary and secondary consumers, top predators and producers.


We made protest art in which we made a British flag with tissue paper over a text of black British history – to show the lack of black British history in the national curriculum.  For the value ‘fellowship’ we made acorns for our tissue paper oak tree.


In homework, we were working on Black History Month in which we selected a prominent person of colour from history, researched them and then presented it to the class.  We did a random act of kindness for our family. We logged in to read theory and spelling shed. 

[more pictures - coming soon]


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October 9th 2020 - Written by Grace and Bella

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog 2020/2021

Written by Bella and Grace.

English learning

In English this week, we have been writing powerful story openers after examining story openers from Emma Caroll books. Also, we have been discussing how we can improve them by adding main and subordinate clauses and lots of exciting vocabulary.

Maths learning

We have been placing negative numbers on number-lines. Also, we have been subtracting and adding across into the negative numbers. We have been counting in powers of ten.

Guided reading

We have been making inference’s from our text – The secrets of the sun king.    


In science, we have been exploring the digestive system. Also, have been learning how our body works.


In history this week we have been learning about Egyptians; how they recorded their language and learning about where civilisations began. We look at pharaohs and they can be king or queen. Also, we have been writing our names in hieroglyphics.


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October 2nd 2020 - Written by Ayla and Alice

Mr Davidson (MrDavidson) on: Oaks Class Blog 2020/2021

This week has been packed full of exciting and fun activities and experiments!!!

Written by Ayla and Alice.

This Week:


This week in maths we continued place value from last week then from Thursday we began our new topic in maths which is rounding. We started off by learning to round to 10, 100 and 1000. Then moved on to more complex things such as rounding to 10,000 and 100,000.


This week in English we began subordinate clauses followed by compound and complex sentences. We then re-wrote an old Egyptian myth which was written in simple sentences.

Guided Reading:

This week in guided reading we began our new book called Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick and read the first chapter.

Other Subjects:

This week in class we did loads of other activities. In art we went outside and collected natural resources and then came back inside and painted them to make a picture. Later in the week we did science and worked on the digestive system and did an experiment which included food and drink. This week in PE we did lots of fun activities.

Thank you for reading this week’s oaks blog!

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Autumn Term

Useful links

Pobble 365 - daily story starters, grammar challenges

Spelling Shed - Practice spelling, every child has a login.

Times Table Rock Stars - every child has a login.

SATS 2021

Monday 10th May 2021

SPAG (grammar and punctuation) - 45 minutes

SPAG (spelling) - 20 minutes

Tuesday 11th May 20201

Reading - 1 hour

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) - 30 minutes

Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) - 30 minutes

Thursday 13th May 2021

Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) - 40 minutes