Welcome to Owls class!

Our topic this half term is:

'Will we ever send another human to the moon?'

Reminder: Our library day is Thursday. Please bring your books with you!  Homework is due in on Wednesday and then be handed back out on Friday!

Summer 1

Spring 2

Year 4 attended a Faith Roadshow where they experienced a hands on experience learning about different religions and cultures.

We enjoyed World Poetry Day in Owls class, we used Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes to perform a section of one of his poems.Enter text...

Red Nose Day was brilliant. We loved showing off our dance in the hall!

.We are learning all about whether Easter is a festival of new life or sacrifice in our R.E. We started off looking at Lent and story behind in. We created Lent Wheels to encourage children or adults to keep going. We also enjoyed making our own pancakes with Mrs Morris and joining in with pancake party at the church. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Harriet's puppies! They were very cute!

Spring 1.

In our Science lessons, we investigated teeth and looked at the role of each type of teeth and why are they so important. We then had a go at creating a model of our teeth using plasticscene!

Autumn 2

Well done Owls for your amazing assembly! You all worked super hard and performed confidently. Our assembly was linked with our Anti-Bullying week and our value of compassion.

What a great first lesson of our Topic! Owls and Oaks are learning together this half term. Our first lesson consisted of us thinking about our brief to create a model theatre. We thought about how we would support the structure and what equipment would be needed in our project! I can't wait to see our finished theatres!

Autumn 1

We had a great time being geologists! We created our own fossils using Plasticine and Plaster of Paris!

Roman day was so much fun! All the children had a great day learning about what it is was like to be a solider in the Roman period. They practised marching in formation and had the opportunity to try on some of the armour and clothes they would have worn!.

We have been learning all about Roman Numerals in Maths! We had great fun using straws to create our Roman Numerals! Miss Hynd set some hard numbers for children to work out but we all worked really hard together in our partners! 

What a brilliant start to our new school year! We loved celebrating Roald Dahl day where we brought in an object which is associated with Roald Dahl. We had lots of golden tickets and magic potions! 



Check out Super Movers on BBC to practise your times tables and lots more activities. We love doing this in class!


Our value of the half term is...




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