School Closure Procedure

School closures can happen for a number of reasons – adverse weather, burst pipes, heating failure- to name but a few. The decision to close the school is not one that is taken lightly. We will always do our best to be open and realise the disruption for parents and children that a school closure presents. However, the safety of our staff and pupils is always our primary consideration in making a decision that school should close.


School closure due to adverse weather

The decision to close is taken based on consideration of conditions on the school site, whether children, parents and staff can get to school and home again safely and whether the forecast is predicting a further deterioration in the weather.


Notifying parents of a school closure

Notifications of closure will be posted on the school website on the home page as soon as a decision is taken. This will be our primary means of notification. We will also send a message out on the school Jotter App.


School closure during school hours

On very rare occasions, we may need to close the school at short notice within school hours. Parents will be notified by text and Jotter message.