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The PTA currently has 10 active parent and 2 staff members, but everyone involved with the school is encouraged to volunteer at any of our events throughout the academic year. 

Our PTA fundraises bearing these points in mind: 

  1. To create lifelong memories which children, families and staff may keep and remember from their time at the school. "Do you remember when...?" 
  1. To raise much needed funds which enable the school to provide opportunities which will enrich the children's learning experience and enjoyment at the school. 
  1. To bring together the school community - parents, carers, pupils, teachers, staff- to socialise in an informal, fun & relaxing environment. 


The group works extremely hard throughout the year to raise funds which provide resources for the school and is always open to new ideas. To raise money we run several event which include:

  • Discos
  • Film Nights
  • Summer/Christmas Fayre
  • Quiz night
  • Smartie challenge
  • Christmas card design 

And with the money raised we have provided:

  • Travelling Pantomime - annually
  • Leavers Hoodies - annually

Contributed towards Bike Shed

  • PA system
  • Gazebo’s to provide shade in the summer
  • Mother and Father’s Day craft session – annually
  • Class donation to provide additional resources - annually


So why not come along to the next meeting and see how you can help, information on upcoming events and meeting dates can be found on the weekly school newsletter. If you want to know more or would like to contact me please email or pop into the office and leave a message.


Kind regards Claire Iveson

Chair of Barby School PTA