E-Safety Tips for Parents


The Internet is a fantastic resource for everyone. Technology brings about opportunities for our children which our generation could only dream about.

It also brings about a new set of risks which parents need to understand.

Cyber-bullying, grooming, access to unsuitable content, viruses and illegal content are all areas which need to be dealt with if your family use the Internet.

Here is a simple list of considerations to help you and your family enjoy the Internet safely.

  • Talk to your children about using the Internet to agree what is acceptable – when, where, and how long is it acceptable for them to be on the Internet.
  • Enjoy the Internet with your children. Keep the computers in a common area such as your living room rather than your child’s bedroom.
  • Help your family avoid unsavoury content by using “parental controls”. These may be offered by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Practice good “electronic hygiene” by ensuring your computers have antivirus software and are kept up to date.
  • Be aware that there are many ways to access the Internet. It’s not just about home PC’s – mobile phones, tablets and even TV’s often provide ways to access the Internet – and it’s not always easy to control content accessed by these devices
  • Use Internet resources such as www.internetmatters.org for more help or read the NSPCC's Guide to Being Share Aware (a parent's guide to helping you keep your child safe online)

Any questions around Internet safety and security, feel free to drop Tom King (parent) a line tom@silentshark.co.uk

If you have any worries about your child and the Internet, please contact Angela Tilston