Meet Our Governors 


Co-Chairs of Governors    





Mrs Emily Archer (Foundation Governor)








 Ms Claire Iveson ( Parent Governor)   




I have lived in Barby since 2003 and now have 4 children, 2 are pupils at Barby school. I was a Forensic Scientist for 10 years before becoming a full time mum. I aim to help support the Christian ethos of Barby school and I also have an interest in inspiring children to learn, particularly in the area of science.

The school has good links with the local church, St Mary's and also with the parish council. The school visits the church regularly in conjunction with the curriculum and we hold regular services in the church.        




Originally from Durham in the North East of England I relocated to the Daventry area back in 2005 with work. I have 3 children, 2 of which are currently in Barby school. Before I became a full time mum, I worked in the Oncology department for Oxford University managing large scale international research projects. 

Currently I work voluntarily as the Chair of Braunston preschool and have done so for the last 3 years. I am also a member of the Parent Association here at Barby school. 

I aim to bring the organisational and large budget planning skills that I utilised in my profession to help me succeed in the role as Governor.

Foundation Governors

Mrs Julie Elliott

I have lived in Barby since 2009 and my family and I hope to be here for a long time to come. Up until 2009, I taught at a secondary school in Sheffield. I was Head of Year 12, Head of Business Studies and Vocational Courses and also held responsibility for Business and Education Links.

I have enjoyed supporting various groups within the community of Barby  including the church and I currently work on the Barby Pre School committee.

My strengths are in being able to help the school to make links with local people, businesses and particularly the church, to enrich the curriculum. Being the mother of two children, I offer the ability to understand parents desires and concerns








Community Governors


 Mrs Kath Huggett


I have lived in the Rugby area since 1997 but moved to Barby only 18 months ago.  I became a Community Governor in November 2014 and am looking forward to my association with the school.

I started my career in pharmacy and worked in retail for many years. My interest in education began when my own children were young; I retrained and qualified as a primary teacher in 1999.

I am particularly interested in vulnerable groups of children and currently work for Warwickshire’s Virtual School for Children in Care. My role is to work with young people, carers, schools and other supporting agencies with the aim of promoting the attainment of children in foster care and enabling them to be the best they can be.


Mrs Natalie Kimberley


 Mr Steven Benson


Parent Governors Mrs Natasha Van Werkhoven





 Staff Governors Mrs Charlotte Saunders

I have been a staff governor here for a year and a teacher for eleven years, in both KS1 and 2. My subject specialism is English, which I lead in the school. 



Mrs Sarah Hedley                   

I have been working in schools for almost 19 years, starting as a finance assistant and eventually becoming Business Manager in a large Secondary School in Luton. I came to work at Barby in January 2018 having moved to Greens Norton with my husband. We have 3 grown up sons who have all now left home. I was a staff governor at both of my previous schools and my main aim is to support the students and staff so that everyone here at Barby Primary can achieve their very best.

 Clerk to the Governors Mrs Sarah Stainton




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